Haitian coffee farmers, Singing Rooster nonprofit

Contact Singing Rooster Inc, a Social Enterprise Nonprofit


608-721-0622 (central time zone, 8-4 pm)


We get a lot of interest about our work with farmers in Haiti.

We work with established farmer-owned cooperatives (have been farming coffee and cacao for decades).

We’re not equipped to help with new adventures in farming (start-ups require a different focus).

If you work with existing coffee or cacao farmers and need technical assistance, we offer consultation.  (You’ll pay for our services by using our Haitian coffee & chocolate fundraising program — because that’s how we roll!)

If you’re interested in putting Haitian coffee, chocolate & art on your shelves, let us know.

If you’re interested in fundraising with Haitian coffee, chocolate & art — we do that!



Type : Social Enterprise Non-profit (501 c 3)

Founded: 2009

Headquarters :  2400 Waunona Way, Madison Wisconsin 53713

Mission : economy-building with an integrated supply chain and direct market access benefiting small producers in Haiti:  coffee, cacao, art

Company Fact Sheet